Some News Re: AVN

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Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
She’s the author of the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘ column at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website and travels internationally lecturing on feminism, skepticism, and science.

  • Harbo

    This has come back under the radar.
    How can we return this organisation to pariah status?

  • S. Hill

    I can’t see this on their page. Do you have to “like” it or be a member somewhere else?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Hi Sharon! Sorry about that – that picture I got from the Melbourne Skeptics Facebook page, so I don’t know if it’s posted on the AVN (I wouldn’t join the AVN page as a member).

      • S. Hill

        I’m confused because their FB page is the new timeline, not the old version captured from this picture. I have inquired. As someone on that page suggested, Meryl doesn’t get things right.