Surfing Stationary Waves – Wamberal Lagoon, NSW

When the “floodgates” are opened, the water flows out to sea – creating waves…

…apparently it’s harder than it looks.

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  • grumpyoldfart

    First time I’ve ever seen anything like that. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    Why do they dig the trench? Doesn’t the lagoon naturally drain itself?

    Here is some local Tanker wave surfing:

  • Gra-gra

    My guess is the lagoon was getting a bit stinky. This happens a lot up and down the NSW coast of Australia. There’s lots of rivers flowing to the coast down from the Great Dividing Range, and they tend to get silted up where they enter the ocean. This creates lagoons, which eventually become inland lakes and wetlands. Unless of course the local homo sapiens object that their waterfront properties are losing value, then they open it up to the sea to flush the lagoon out.

  • Markita Lynda—it’s Spring after the Winter that wasn’t

    What was the project?

  • Aliasalpha

    In wagga there’s a joke played on tourists that says the river can be surfed, the story goes that the dam upriver releases heaps of water every afternoon and creates a surfable disturbance known as “the 5 o’clock wave”. This is the closest I’ve ever seen to it.