Taking The Token Skeptic Into Print – Here Let Me Show You Them

I’ll be away volunteering for the next few days at several conferences in a row (check out the work of the Media140 Perth team here – there’s a Live Stream of the days featured on the Media140 Site).

In the meantime, feel free to be entertained and enlightened with some behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from the Token Skeptic podcast. I’ll be back blogging as usual early next week.

Question: Why do you have transcripts of your podcast? It makes it seem redundant.

Answer: Actually, no? I find it more difficult to keep track of what’s-been-said if it’s only in audio form and it makes it difficult for other people to reference it for other purposes. How often have we jotted down favourite quotes from movies (or seen them on t-shirts, posters and so on and so forth)? It’s easier to search for ‘who said what, when, where and when’ when it’s in printed form.

Also, I’m interested in making the content of the shows available to as many people as possible. I can’t assume that everyone comfortable or have access to audio content for various reasons, and some of the points that my interviewees make (or some of the essays I write) I like to have out there for as many people to check out as possible.

Where can you find these transcripts? Well, some of them (not all) I feature on websites; some turn up as articles or as the source of articles. Many are listed on the Token Skeptic podcast website, under Transcripts.

I’d like to give them a good home and so the ones that I consider to be ‘the best’ I send into the CSICOP website, where they keep company with other great authors like Benjamin Radford, Joe Nickell and Sharon Hill.

The CSICOP articles are hosted at the Curiouser and Curiouser column, and include:

World Skeptics Congress in Berlin, May 18–20th 2012: Promoting Science in an Age of Uncertainty

New Zealand Skepticism in the Shaking City

From Manchester to Antarctica: Protesting Online and Worldwide – An Interview With Paul Willis

Critical Thinking in the Classroom and Beyond – an Interview With Michael Blanford

Science Fiction and Skepticism: An Interview With Scott Sigler

There’s also sites like We Are SkeptiXX (where I should contribute more often!) with:

TigTog Of Hoyden About Town And Finally A Feminism 101 Blog

Interview With Marian Call

I also send in articles to the occasional magazine, like the UK Skeptic or Skeptical Inquirer. I highly recommend subscribing to these kinds of publications, as they allow us a reach beyond just an internet audience and connect with a more established print-reading audience. These magazines can be in doctor’s offices, community halls and libraries of a great many people out there who might not usually connect with scientific skepticism. Mag­a­zines and their ad­ver­tis­ers are continually being challenged to be relevant to their audiences – so having pro-skeptical articles that pop up in college publications, street press and mainstream media is still, in my opinion, a viable strategy.

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