Thanks American Airlines – Anti-Vaccination Message Shot Out Of The Skies

In case you missed it on other blogs and news updates (such as the ever-dedicated Doubtful News) – a little while back, I got an alert:

American Airlines have acquiesced to a 3 1/2 min AVN interview on the in-flight “Executive Report”.

The audio will play on 58,000 American Airline flights between July and August and the “interview” will feature in the American Way in-flight magazine.

This resulted in a 2000+ signed petition (they nearly got to the goal of 2500!) over on, called “Ask American Airlines to cancel anti-vaccination message”.

I’m very pleased to say – RESULT!

The American Air Twitter feed now has about a dozen responses to a number of people, all along the lines of:

The ad never aired and we decided not to air this audio. We thank those who shared their opinions.

This interview has not been submitted to AA yet. We have decided not to air this audio. We thank those who shared their opinions.

It will not be included in any printed material as well.

Thank you to everyone who alerted me to the issue so I could pass it onto others – particularly @auntyfuzz and Paul Gallagher.

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