The Unconventional Convention Sunday Morning At #AtheistCon

Just a few photos of lovely things that I don’t want to forget:

The Sunday morning crowd, ready to go with Eugenie Scott’s talk.

Organisers getting ready for the day.

T-shirts for sale at the GAC.

My friends Alistair and Belinda, working hard at the tables.

Here’s some more shirts.

It’s so exciting waiting for the show to start!

Eugenie Scott and Sam Harris meet for the first time.

Here’s Tanya Smith and Sam Harris!

After a while, I just started taking photos of people taking photos, because there were so much of the photo-ing going on…

Then it was getting down to work and preparing to do the talks for the day and informing and entertaining the crowd. Plus, Eugenie got to clarify some things for Sam, which was very cool.

Okay, I have to go say hello to a few more friends before I get back to work for the day – I hope people enjoy the show!

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  • tielserrath

    It’s great – good to see you’re having as much fun backstage as we are out at the front.

  • Anna Yeung

    Watching Eugenie and Sam debate the finer points of her talk was ridiculously cool. Except they moved off to the side because they were in front of the screen when we were trying to watch Annie Laurie Gaylor in the green room! I should have moved closer to eavesdrop on the conversation.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I remember they agreed to disagree? Eugenie has always been more about anti-creationism, law, rights, education than atheism. “I will take my allies where I can get them.”

  • Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne

    I’m somewhere in the top picture, but can’t quite remember where; ’twas a bit too early!