Velociraptors Vs Androids In Movies

I’ve been sent links to these two trailers, with an inquiry about which one I find scarier. I’m voting android, primarily because the shake-your-hand-held-camera has become so ubiquitous with horror movies that I’ve started taking motion-sickness tablets along with my popcorn during the previews before science fiction double-features at my local cinema.

Besides, the faux-computer text uses the phrase “The survivor’s story has never been told” – so, just the monster survives, right? GO RAPTOR!

Area 407:

Meanwhile, once we’re finished with flashbacks of Australian accents used in Jurassic Park, Michael Fassbender demonstrates that underplayed, smarmy blandness can freak. you. out – not unlike finding half a cockroach in your chocolate bar.


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  • cswella

    Misleading title! I was expecting a movie about Velociraptors fighting Androids!

  • unbound

    I’m with Kylie. I am very sick and tired of the shaky cam nonsense (almost missed a very good movie because of it – The Hunger Games). For me, it has never resulted in a scary movie from even the first time I saw it being heavily used Blair Witch Project), just an annoyance. In fact, of the various lists of scariest movies ever, I don’t think any of them list one in the top 10 with the shaky / handheld cam nonsense.

    Definitely put a few chills in my spine when the robot nonchalantly stated that he would do things that a person might find disturbing or unethical.

  • internetchannels

    Agreed with cswella. I thought it was new movie ha..ha..ha

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Darn, sorry! Well, if there ever is one, we know what to recommend!

  • MichaelD

    DAMN! Torn between by love of all things dinosaur and my hatred of shaky cam found footage movies. I guess I’ll just wait for raptors vs androids…. don’t suppose they could find a way to make feathered raptors scary?

  • Aliasalpha

    Well whilst I’m also not a fan of the shaky camera trope, they at least understand the basics of horror in that its not about giant feckin effect shots of monsters. You saw more than I think you should (at most you should suspect its a dinosaur, not be able to identify what species) but if they managed to keep that restraint througout the film it might be decent.

    The Promethius one was pretty damned cool, nice on the surface but when you’re informed with the knowledge of how weyland yutani will eventually operate, it’s rather creepy, particularly when he talks about performing tasks that people might find distasteful or unethical. Still, as cool as it was, that android can’t hold a candle to Quantic Dream’s Kara

  • Reginald Selkirk
  • Trebuchet

    The car ad before the first one was vastly better than the trailer–which is no doubt better than the movie. I’ll give both a pass.