Help Out The Documentary “Jabbed” – Did You Survive Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, MMR?

If you’ve listened to the Token Skeptic podcast, you might have caught a fairly recent double-interview episode, #111 – On How Now You See Her – where the second person interviewed was the director Sonya Pemberton of Genepool Productions.

If you HAVEN’T listened to the podcast – I have a transcript of some of the interview I did with Sonya featured here, so you can catch up a little with her work. Her forthcoming documentary with Genepool productions called Jabbed needs a little help from you – if you or someone you know who can lend a hand is:

* Over 50

* In Sydney, Melbourne, London or Philadelphia through May and June, 2012.

Here’s the details – and if you can lend your story to the documentary, you’ll be part of an important project. Get in touch before the 22nd of May.

JABBED NEEDS YOUR STORY – Did you survive: Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps or Rubella?

Do you remember the Rubella epidemic of 1962-65? Were babies in your neighbourhood born with congenital blindness or deafness that year?

Were you unlucky enough to be confined at home for the summer of 1964 because your mother was terrified that you’d catch Polio playing with your friends? Do you remember being confined in an infectious diseases ward as a ‘carrier’ of diphtheria or did you lose a sibling to the ‘strangling angel of children’?

‘Genepool Productions’ seeks people over the age of fifty to share their stories of growing up in a time when vaccine preventable disease was the norm. We would love to hear and film your story for both a national archive and an international television documentary called ‘Jabbed‘. We will be filming in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Philadelphia through May & June 2012.

If you have stories of vaccine preventable disease, please contact Faye Welborn before 22nd of May on+61 2 9326 9922 or +61 424732887 or Faye (at)

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