Token Skeptic Best-Of And On Education And Pseudoscience At The JREF’s Swift! #6WSC12

I wrote the blogpost for the latest Token Skeptic podcast – my second “Best Of” compilation… and accidentally set it to be auto-timed to appear in the middle of the conference, before I had a chance to upload it. Whoops.


It’s now finally out at Episode One Hundred And Twenty – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (Yet Again) and it features clips from interviews I’ve done over the +120 shows I’ve created:

On Tribal Science – With Michael McRae
On Sexism, Skepticism And Civility Online – With Viv “TigTog” Smythe

On James Randi’s An Honest Liar – With Justin Weinstein And Tyler Measom
On Great Books In Skepticism – With Warren Bonett

On Miracle Detectives – With Dr Indre Viskontas
On Skeptical Science – With Stephan Lewandowsky
On The Invisible Gorilla –  With Daniel Simons And Christopher Chabris
On Project Barnum – With Hayley Stevens
On The Young Atheist’s Handbook – With Alom Shaha
On How Now You See Her – With Gia Milinovich
On Something Fierce – With Marian Call

If you’re new to the show, I hope that helps give you an idea of the kinds of things I do with my podcast!

Yesterday I presented a speech at the World Skeptics Congress in Berlin – and the JREF Swift site has a little article that I wrote about the origins of the speech: Pseudoscience In Education – Seeking To Solve The Rabbit Out Of A Hat Fallacy:

At the Sixth World Skeptics Congress in Berlin this year, I’ll be presenting a talk on “Why Can’t a Teacher Be More Like a Scientist? – Pseudoscience In Education“. I wish I could take credit for the start of the title: I was initially inspired by a paper written by Mark Carter and Kevin Wheldall, published in the Australasian Journal of Special Education, back in 2008. Although it is now many years after that paper’s publication, many of the things it discusses are pertinent to educators still – for me, it encourages collaboration with educators and educational systems, to prevent pseudoscience from entering classrooms and playtime.

Finally, if you’re following the conference via Twitter, I’ve got Storify collations of the first two days up already:

World Skeptics 2012 – Thursday

World Skeptics 2012 – Friday

Now? I’m off to enjoy Saturday at the conference! If you’re there, I’ll see you around!


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