…Goodbye George

AstroFest Perth (Video From Previous Years)
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AstroFest Perth (Video From Previous Years)
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Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
She’s the author of the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘ column at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website and travels internationally lecturing on feminism, skepticism, and science.

  • StevoR

    Lonely no more.

    Gone forever.

    Too many species gone not forgotten.

    So much lost that we don’t even know.

    Could cloning one day work and recover?

    Could Humans renew what’s been destroyed?

    Perhaps? Perhaps not?

    No excuses.

    No more Lonely George.

    No more Lonely georgettes

    No more avoidable extinctions.