Holy Not-God, I’m On The Front Of The Local Newspaper Website Too…

I thought I’d just be on page 11 of The West.

Actually, I didn’t think I’d be on page 11 of The West, I thought they’d leave my photo out and I’d be a small quote elsewhere around page 18 or further on, at best.

But I’m on the website too! Look! “More Have No Faith”:

A quarter of West Australians declared themselves as having no religious faith in the 2011 census as Australia’s dominant Christian churches continued to lose proportional support to non- believers and other religions.

For the first time, the percentage of people who said they had no religion, which includes atheists, agnostics, humanists and rationalists, overtook those who nominated as Anglicans and Catholics in WA.

I did hope that they would mention the Atheist Foundation of Australia, as I attributed them for the increased publicity and awareness of atheism across the country, after the billboard campaign they did for the No Religion tick-box, and the Global Atheist Conventions. Hmph. Oh, and I threw in references to the Freethought Student Alliance and pop-culture trends like Tim Minchin and other commedians and ABC’s popular show Q&A, featuring secularist Australians like Leslie Cannold.

Still, can’t complain. I got to stand in the rain for a photo!

Opening the website of the newspaper, this is what hit me:


Okay, I have let the dishes and the laundry collect since doing my last exam yesterday and I still have work to get done. Congratulations, “No Religion” people everywhere – we’re standing up and being counted!

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