Little Kitten – Do A Zombie Prank (Nearly Get Shot At For Your Efforts)

Apparently that’s a REAL gun being used at the 2:00min mark…

Personally, I hope that he did a lot of apologising as well as explaining to those poor freaked out people.

By the way, Ben Radford has a very good (and far more sensible) article over on Discover News called AMERICAN ‘CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE’? that’s well worth reading.

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  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    Why the hell would a zombie take the time to remove a tie from his neck and tie it around his head?

  • Assassin’s Cloak

    Obviously he wasn’t a real zombie because he never once moaned ‘braaaaaiiinz’.

  • fredbloggs

    Seems like a quick way to get yourself killed in a country where handguns are quite popular…