Little Kitten – Parents Are Our First Gods – Alom Shaha

To the Mermikides’ and all my UK friends, with thanks to Alom.

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  • Winterwind

    I was struck by how the phrase is almost identical to an aphorism in Tamil, written by the female Saivite poet-saint Auvaiyar: “Mother and father are our first God.” (அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முதல் தைவம்/Annaiyum pithaavum muthal deivam.)

    I wonder if Alom Shaha came up with the phrase himself, or if he borrowed it from a similar proverb, perhaps in another South Asian language (e.g. Bengali; I believe he is of Bangladeshi background). If he reinvented it, it seems great minds think alike.

  • joel

    This is the only thing I have seen re parents (caregivers) as our first gods so this comment may be superfluous.

    My reaction is that I wish the video had begun with the newborn. How does an infant see or feel this ‘something’ out there that provides and deprives? How does an infant conclude that obedience is key to survival and then in a couple of years begin to experiment with disobedience? And then return to obedience for some years. I’ts all very complicated. I would be pleased to have some references to studies of this process.

    • joel

      Just checked reviews of the book on good reads. Mostly rave. Going to get it quick.

      • Kylie Sturgess

        Do so! I wrote the teaching guide for it, and would recommend it for any young people you might know!

        • joel

          Thank you for doing that.
          When I went back to amazon to order it, I couldn’t find it, went to google, couldn’t find it. Realized I was searching for the title of this post instead of ‘Young Atheists Guide…..’ Seems to me your title without the A word would be less off putting to some. Plus I think your title has a resonance familiar to most everyone. Ie, “There was a time when I thought my parents knew everything” It got my attention where the actual title might not have.

          I guess publishers know what sells.

          There is only one customer review. I don’t yet have the book so am not yet in a position to offer one.