Perth – Meet The Transit Of Venus In The Cultural Centre This Wednesday!

View the transit of Venus On Wednesday 6 June 2012! From the SciTech Website:

The planet Venus will appear to move across the disc of the Sun. This is called a transit of Venus. The transit is a rare occurrence that involves two transit events which happen eight years apart. The first transit occurred in 2004 and soon we will witness the second part of the paired event. We will have to wait over one hundred years before another event like this occurs!

A team of volunteers from Horizon – the Planetarium will be roaming Perth’s Cultural Centre on the day, handing out free pinhole cameras and giving passerbys guidance and information on how to use them to view the transit. Make sure you pop down, say hello and witness this awesome occurance – or you will have to wait another 105 years to see it again!

The event will start from 8:30am to about midday, so if you’re heading through the city, you’ll be able to check it out.

I’ll be one of those volunteers for Horizon, so I look forward to catching some local science and astronomy fans in Perth!

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