Profs And Pints (Science Communication In The Pub!) Returns To Perth

I’m out from blogging due to studies for the forseeable future – but in case you’re a local:

Profs and Pints is returning in 2012 to tackle those current and controversial science topics that will have you buzzing with your beer.

Held at The Flying Scotsman’s Velvet Lounge over four nights in June and July, leading scientists will take the people of Perth on a journey through contentious topics currently rousing debate in our society. 6-8pm (Doors and bar open 5.30pm)

We are excited to announce the first snippets of information about this year’s line-up:

When reality TV and YouTube can move a nation, is there still room for science heroes?
Speakers: Emma Donnelly – Science Outreach Coordinator at Curtin University and Thom Smyth – Marketing Manager at The Blue Room Theatre.

There’s three other dates listed too, just go to the Profs and Pints page at SciTech.

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