Profs, Pints, Christian Education And UK Government, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe And Other News

I did intend this to be a more substantial post originally… but I tore shreds out of my keyboard late last night and I’m now transcribing the notes made in the margin of my sudoku page of the free newspaper I picked up before my train ride home. I think I deserve a little break to just pop a few interesting links your way so I can then get down to sorting out which of my whiteboard markers are working and set them aside for the first day of teaching Philosophy classes tomorrow.

Remember the podcast interview I did with Jonny Scaramanga? As you can see by the link in Twitter, the world of skepticism just keeps on having unsinkable rubber ducks that need dunking: Loch Ness monster cited by US schools as evidence that evolution is myth.

That leads me to a must-read post for today by the aforementioned Mr Scaramanga – Accelerated Christian Education Validated by UK Government Agency:

I write so much about ACE’s Creationism mostly because it’s popular – my two posts on lies taught by ACE account for almost 50% of this blog’s traffic. I really need the public to be on side if we’re going to beat this. But I can’t get the public to engage with the real problem, because the real problem is education. Most people find education boring, and laughing at Creationism interesting.

Well, you should care. And I’m going to show you why.

What do living dinosaurs, the Loch Ness monster and the Ku Klux Klan have in common? – over on the Doubtful Blog (Which Also Should Be In Your RSS Feed And Daily Tweet-Checking…) recaps some of the earlier context of ACE education and how it is indeed a world-wide concern.

Secondly (and more locally!) – Profs and Pints is happening at the Flying Scotsman in Perth tomorrow:

Tues 26 June

How do we learn about the awkward stuff?
Speakers: Michelle Lamberts – FPWA Sexual Health Services, Associate Professor David Glance – Director of Centre for Software Practice and Rebecca Walker – Youth Affairs Council WA.

This should be a great discussion and I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and the lecture theatre (and my textbooks) to attend! I’ve also just been asked to be on the stage for one of the future Profs and Pints in about a month’s time – so I’ll post more details when that’s happening!

If you haven’t attended a Profs and Pints (and yes, many of my readers are NOT in my home town), the ABC recorded a few and there’s a link to the mp3 here.

Jack Scanlan has written on the philosophy of essentialism in this blogpost called Evolution, emergence, reductionism and James Barham’s bioessentialism. Go check that out too.

Big thanks to Ben Radford for commenting in my comments about blogging and… er, the comments I had about how his article didn’t take blogging so seriously, but how it should be!  I was going to do more on meta-blogging, but I think that I’ll just continue to collect links and ideas for a future blogpost on ‘how to improve blogging’ – and a lot of it will help me develop a Comments Policy for my blog, since I don’t actually have one… and I think I really need to.

As for the restaurant at the end of the universe? Today I went to visit the beach near my work (I know, I know, I’m just lucky) – and discovered that the restaurant that I pretty much visited weekly for over four years has disappeared… and I have no idea when. A shame, as I was looking for a cheap coffee…

Maybe I should just suggest everyone think of a nice, soothing beach, adopt an attitude of parsimony and comment with care…

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