Science! It’s A Girl Thing! (?!?@#%!*???)

Ahhh… ffftttt… wha?

From Science Punk:

It seems to assume that it’s impossible for women to be interested in chemistry unless it’s in the context of cosmetics, or biology except insomuch as fashion… I implore you to engage earnestly and fruitfully with the European Commission to make sure the next project like this isn’t lipstick activism.

Mind, I’ve noticed this is their first video after that one… which somehow includes a shopping expedition…

But I rather like Iris the physics student – at least this seems more relevant than ‘suddenly going shopping’:

EDIT – another one – how about travel, and science as an ‘international language’? Not so bad…

Okay, I’ll write more, when I’ve put my dropped jaw back together… and when I go dig out more on related research on role models and women I’ve read about here (My Fair Physicist? Feminine Math and Science Role Models Demotivate Young Girls) in the blogpost called Girlie scientist role models could do more harm than good:

This research focused on girls at middle-school and it’s important to note that the same findings may not apply to older teens or college students. No doubt some readers will also smart at the way femininity or girlieness was conceived in this study, potentially perpetuating unhelpful gender stereotypes. For now, Betz and Sekaquaptewa cautioned: “Submitting STEM role models to Pygmalion-style feminine makeovers may do more harm than good.”

Actually, Petra Boynton just said it shorter on Twitter:

Petra Boynton ‏@DrPetraFeaturing real women scientists talking about their work but hiding them behind a naff/sexist advert loses your message and is disingenuous.

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