The Launch Of Secular Women – US First National Organisation For Non-Believing Women

The launch of Secular Women – the first organization in the U.S. focusing exclusively on the interests of non-religious women. 

Edit – YouTube video just released!



According to a press release, Secular Women, Inc., is debuting as the United States’ first national membership organization devoted solely to pushing the agenda of non-believing women. Because many atheist groups have a tough time attracting and keeping the attention of women, Secular Women, Inc. will work to court females with special events, conferences and other gender-specific offerings.

You can join here!

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  • sisu

    awesome, thanks for linking!!

  • Cuttlefish

    Hilarious comments on The Blaze–you can always count on Glen Beck’s people for a unique view of the world.

  • navigator

    You can soooo count me in!

  • jnorris

    Best luck in the world. I hope you have a convention near me someday.