Vale Ray Bradbury

A Conversation with Ray Bradbury by Lawrence Bridges.

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  • jufulu

    His love of libraries touches a very deep cord in me. I was not an early reader, but when I did learn I became voracious. I blame my mother for this, she fed my habit. I can remember being pissed because my local library wouldn’t let me check out books from the young adult section, Mom checked them out for me. I learned about helicopters, war, cowboys, airplanes,Jacques Cousteau, and how cool the world really was. I also became aware of science fiction and fantasy, including RB. My mother and I shared Analog subscriptions starting in the late 1960 and continued into ’70s (I think I still have most of them stored somewhere). The thing about RB and many of the great writes is that their stories are about human interaction set in usual places. Fahrenheit 451 is one of the most powerful stories about what it means to be human. Time to start reading his stories to see if I can come up with something new in them.

    RIP Ray Bradbury.

  • ednaz

    Thank You for posting this. I wept.

    When I was very young, my mother took my siblings and I to the library. It was cool and quiet (unlike our home with 4 children) and I could read whatever I wanted. Undisturbed by anyone or anything. It was wonderful.

    I have devoured books ever since.

    My husband loves to read, loves life and is interested in so many things, we are a good match. I am very fortunate.
    I would love to write but have somehow lost the courage of my youth. I don’t know how to find it. Maybe I’d better watch this video again.