Celebrate Friday The Thirteenth – With Puzzles And A Magical Token Skeptic Podcast!

Your must-see for today, since you’re lucky enough to read this? Joey Haban, who is featured in the Scope of Skepticism book, is the guest blogger over at the Rex Parker Does The NYT Crossword Puzzle – for Friday 13th! How incredibly cool is that?

I was particularly chuffed to notice that PODCASTS appears as an answer! Head over and read her entire analysis; I’ve been meaning to get back into cryptics after a break for a year or so and I think this has piqued my interest again. Thanks, Joey!

In other news – Token Skeptic podcast episode #126 – On Magic and Psychology is out, an interview with Anthony Barnhart. For this show, you’re going to need these…

…a sense of humor, a keenness to know more about the intersection of magic, psychology and education – and perhaps even an interest in learning more about a really great course in the works!


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