Congratulations To Marian Call – And Slau In Skeptical Briefs On Pseudoscience In The Audio Industry

Firstly – congratulations to Marian Call for not only funding but massively funding her tour of Europe! As of four hours or so ago – she did it! Well, we all did it! Hooray!

After 50 United States & Canada, Marian Call sprints to Europe to record a LIVE ALBUM. Our heroine is undaunted by that ocean thing.

WE ARE FUNDED!  I have no words but thank you!  I have worked so hard for this, and you guys have met me every step of the way, surpassing my every expectation.

So I need ALL the ideas I can get about venues — homes, bookstores, cafes, caves, pubs, churches, comic shops — I will need every shred of help I can get, and possibly a little more translation assistance as I interact with venues and press.  And I’ll definitely still need to find lodging and driving assistance.  I might get a couple extra hotels with the newfound wealth, but mostly I’ll tour exactly the same way I was going to when I only hoped for $11,111. (Weren’t those fun times? I remember those times.)

As one of the donors, I suggested that Germany be one of the places that she tours, so I sincerely hope that it happens – after all the wonderful people I met at the World Skeptics Convention, they should really have a chance to hear how great she is as a live performer:

Secondly – if you’re subscriber to the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, you’ll get the Skeptical Briefs mailout. I was really surprised to discover my interview with Slau featured in the latest one! It’s also brilliant timing, as Slau is going to be doing a reunion gig as one half of Darka and Slavko this Saturday.

Head to the Skeptical Inquirer to subscribe to the magazine and get your own copy of the interview we did – we talk about pseudoscience in the audio industry, from sound quality, to equipment to all kinds of odd claims that people make in the name of good music.

If you’re in New York state, the official reunion concert for Darka and Slavko show will be on July 28 in Ellenville. Here’s the official Facebook page and details of the forthcoming album too on their fan site.


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