Fads, Fancies And Follies In Education – A Book Recommendation And A Talk

Firstly – to clear up a few misconceptions about my blog. If you read my blog (as in, Token Skeptic on the FreeThought Blogs network) – it’s my blog that registers the hits. And the revenue that you get from reading my blog? I use it to fund my podcast. It pretty much balances out, and that’s fine by me – c’est la vie.

Feel free to check out other blogs or other networks or independent bloggers or news-sites or whatever if you so wish; there’s links that I promote or even links that I don’t promote (such as “OMG, did you see what Sylvia Browne is advertising now on such-and-such, I can’t believe it, here’s a link if you have the stomach…actually, here’s a much nicer link to something cute“).

It’s up to you and I’m always looking for new interviewees and projects to support with my show – thanks to everyone who makes suggestions; I never would have come across some fabulous people otherwise.


I’m up early to return a book to the library on the other side of the city and thus avoid the morning traffic – you know when it’s physically painful to return a book to the library because you found it so useful and when you lost it on a plane on the way to Berlin you were devastated and you did a dance in the Lost and Found office at Tegel when they discovered it on British Airways and you did about a dozen Tweets to their head office telling them that their staff are live-savers? That.

This is probably why British Airways had difficulty keeping a straight face around me on the way back to Heathrow. Just a suspicion.

So, here it is the book I highly recommend: The Positive Side of Special Education: Minimizing Its Fads, Fancies, And Follies, by Kenneth A Kavale and Mark P Mostert.

And I did a talk in Berlin and all I can think of is how I like other people’s talks more than mine and I have said so before… and I’m not the best critic of my own work – so huge, tremendous thanks to the World Skeptics Congress… and I’m off to return a book.

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