Godless Parenting – What Do You Do To Bring Up God-Free Children? Video

Here’s the first time I’ve done a live video interview with slightly-dodgy internet on my part… I hope people enjoy it!

Contributors and FTB Bloggers Dan Fincke, PZ MyersOphelia Benson and Russell Glasser can all be found on Twitter too. Big thanks to Digital Cuttlefish and Taslima Nasrin for contributing via email; apologies to everyone (especially Al Stefanelli!) who couldn’t get in. For a first effort, this was less stressful than I thought it would be!

I did find (and sorry for not unpacking it further) interesting that occasional strong opinions AGAINST religion were being touted at times – but people also saying that having people of other faiths come to secular camps for kids to discuss their faith was valued! I’d like to discuss that further in future and I think a discussion on interfaith will be scheduled for another chat.

So, yes, I WAS going to tackle the likes of PZ about that – sorry for not doing so! But since interfaith is a great topic to unpack, hopefully what we discussed here will be raised again. And again. And again!

During the discussion we ended up talking about Camp Quest (both US and Camp Quest UK) – the camp that I mentioned Alom Shaha is involved in this year which will include Jonny Scaramanga is called Questival at http://questival.org.uk and may well suit parents who are seeking to network (I wasn’t sure if it was for kids or not, apparently not, it’s adults only) – since we started the chat talking about the difficulty finding like-minded people in some communities, camps like this may also provide an answer for parents and parents-to-be or those who just care about kids.

There is also the camp called Camp Inquiry in New York state, which is held in August.

Russell has some blogposts for people to check out:

Raising Atheists Part One

Raising Atheists Part Two

At the end, I recommend Embiggen Bookstore in Melbourne, who I know will be very helpful to parents and atheists who are seeking good texts.


I have a HUGE list of recommendations here – here’s a shorter list.

Junior Skeptic insert in the Skeptic Magazine.

Really Really Big Questions About Faith – Julian Baggini

Evolution: How We And All Living Things Came To Be – Daniel Loxton

Parenting Beyond Belief – Dale McGowan

Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief – Dale McGowan

The Young Atheist’s Handbook – Alom Shaha

The Book of Rachael – Leslie Cannold

Maybe Yes, Maybe No – Dan Barker

Ten Things I Hate About Me – Randa Abbel-Fattah

Does My Head Look Big In This? – Randa Abdel-Fattah

36 Arguments for The Existence Of God – Rebecca Goldstein

Please Explain! – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (and his other books)

Friends of Camp Quest

Foundation Beyond Belief

Secular Parenting

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