Help Me Out Here – No, Not A Fan – Hoyts Cinema’s Christian Film Season?

So, it’s a Friday, I haven’t got much happening at the moment and there’s a few movie vouchers that I haven’t used up.

Looking through the guide online, I notice a trend occurring:

The Holy Roller – about how Simon is inspired by a ‘miracle’ to transform his nightclub into a church, using Luke as its preacher. With some musical assistance from Kate…

Or maybe Not A Fan – an “emotional movie-going experience that audiences expect with a provoking sermon-like message that leaders will love, extending the challenge of Luke 9:23…”? Or Least Amongst You, another missionary seeks salvation while in prison tale?

After typing in those films and “Hoyts” into a search engine, I discover that the Bollywood film festival series (hey, I’ll watch anything but Prometheus, let’s face it) which pop up on a regular basis at Hoyts Carousel have disappeared – to be replaced by Christian ones?

Mind, straight after those listings they’re advertising “An American Werewolf In London” as a popculture revival screening and I certainly don’t recall “Kill yourself, David, before you kill others, being particularly spiritually enlightening.

From a blog post called “Christian Films being shown in HOYTS Cinemas! :)

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a news bulletin stating an agreement had been made for Australian Hoyts Cinemas to begin showing Christian films, perhaps in the light of successful films such as Courageous… This is great news and I hope it will begin a long line of Christian films at the cinemas…They are currently showing: Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham, Holy Roller, Not a Fan and Least Among You

So, I’ve written to Hoyts. I’d like to know more. Will my Bollywood nights ever return? What’s this news bulletin that was circulating and why has one of the major cinema chains (there’s pretty much Hoyts and what used to be Greater Union, now called Event) in this state… started showing Christian movies?

Should I toss out my Hoyts vouchers or just use the whole lot up by donating them to some students as a thank-you for doing their homework early?

Or just see American Werewolf five times in a row while dressed like The Bloggess?



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