…How Did The Truffles Turn Out? Token Skeptic On The Sex Myth Now Out!


I know… truffles don’t look the best, but they definitely taste the best.

Latest episode of the Token Skeptic podcast: Token Skeptic #127 – On The Sex Myth With Dr Brooke Magnanti is now out on the official podcast site.

Do please pop in any questions you might have about podcasting (if you’ve considered trying it, if you’ve got a show, if you think there’s things that should be asked) in the comments under the truffle post. It’s all about helping improve the medium!

And I nearly forgot – I have a new project, the Critical Thinking Lessons podcast (a better name pending, don’t worry) that I’ll produce over the next month or so. It’ll be on another podcast instead of the Token Skeptic, a shorter length and contained with its focus – but it’ll have worksheets as well as the show for people to peruse.

The goal is to introduce people to the basics of structuring an argument and some of the more popular fallacies, for students in the upper high-school years but also useful for anyone interested in the topic.

So, stay tuned for that!

More about the interview (and why the truffles?):

Since the Belle De Jour books came out, I’d been wondering about the truffle recipe and blogged about “Belle De Jour as Forensic Scientist” on my old Podblack blog in 2009 – now, you can hear me talk to her about her latest book The Sex Myth: Why Everything We’re Told Is Wrong on the show. Hopefully I don’t sound too fan-girlish… I’m envious of the people in Glasgow and Edinburgh who will get to hear her present – do check out the Westminster Skeptics talk that featured on the Pod Delusion, which I mention during the interview.

Next episode? Robin Ince. But you’ll have to wait, I think I deserve a holiday…

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