Little Kitten – My Drunk Kitchen – America Day Pie Cakes

For those of you in the USA who are still recovering from yesterday (in fact, according to my time, you should be just finishing up?)…

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  • Chris

    Our community fireworks should be ending about now.

    Apple pie is not very American in July. For one thing, they are tiny great and very sour. They are not going to ripen until August if they are early varieties, but more than likely in September!

    If she is using real apples they must have been from last year, or imported from the the southern hemisphere.

    I made cherry clafouti. It is a very simple French custard cake. You place the cherries in a shallow baking dish, then cover them with a mixture of eggs, sugar, milk, flour and some flavorings. Bake it for a while, and it is very yummy. Plus it is extremely simple.

    Oh, and the French were our friends during the American Revolution.