More #GreatSkepticism Over At Shane Brady’s Blog And The Science Of Magic

Despite all the nasty blogs and even worse twitter battles, there remain shining examples of good skepticism and reasoned discussion… The first, is that I think most of what’s gone on the last month has been so unproductive and so damaging. Not damaging to the movement of skepticism, for it’s bigger than a few nasty blog writers.  I mean it’s damaging to yourself.  All that negativity and bile is not good for you.  The saying  ”You don’t change the devil, the devil changes you” is probably apropos. – Shoutouts to great skeptical blogs/podcasts

Cool! Head over to Shane’s blog ” to read the entire post and some lovely things he’s said about ICBSEverywhere, Skeptoid, Ben Radford and IDoubtIt News!

In addition – I’m going to add this link as a check-this-out site: The Science of Magic, where magicians like Anthony Barnhart write blogposts featuring great links with critical commentary. Anthony Barnhart (aka, “Magic Tony”) is a doctoral candidate in cognitive psychology at Arizona State University in the United States and a part-time professional magician.

This is from their blog-post “Stay-At-Home FISM 2012: Cubic Act”, which features another great skeptical show, called Penn and Teller Fool Us.

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