Music Maestro Marian Call – Kickstarter For European Adventure Tour!

Marian Call has a costume that would make Felicia Day go green-haired with envy. And she has a tour that you should support, especially if you’re into funky, nerdy, beautiful tunes that are delivered by a fine and talented musician. I interviewed her for the Token Skeptic podcast – and now those of you in Europe and the UK have the chance to see her live too!

Besides – her website is incredibly retro-cute.

Dear Reader: I am a traveling singer-songwriter living in Alaska. My music is sweet and lyrical and spicy, sort of cinnamon vanilla cayenne something; I’m acoustic but extra funky, layered and nerdy and complicated yet accessible. My artistic godparents are Joni Mitchell, Jonathan Coulton, Regina Spektor, and Ogden Nash.

Like this: Or like this:

I tour North America all the time with awesome guitarists like Scott Barkan, and it’s time to adventure farther than I have before.

I plan to record for you a LIVE ALBUM this year…I wish to record it in Europe and the UK. 

The plan is to travel in autumn, October-November, with the utterly staggeringly amazing guitarist (and songwriter in his own right) Scott Barkan. We’ll record the live album at concerts across the ocean. We’ll mix, master, and launch the live album immediately upon my return to Alaska. To that end we’re doing a Kickstarter! And a lot of other stuff too.

So this Kickstarter is how you guys pre-order your live album, MARIAN CALL LIVE IN EUROPE, no matter where you are in the world. 

She has a range of rewards and incentives for every level of donation – and a video too!

Do check out her work at her official site and consider supporting her work, even if you’re not Europe/UK – you won’t regret it. If you’re a subscriber to the Skeptical Inquirer, you can expect an interview I conducted with Marian to feature in those pages very soon!

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