Profs And Pints On What Makes A Dangerous Idea – Next Tuesday!

THE FINAL: Tues 24 July – WHAT MAKES A DANGEROUS IDEA – Does science play it too safe?

This final Profs and Pints for 2012 opens the gates to banter-worthy interpretations of dangerous… How does an idea evolve and is it subject to the morals that are in fashion?

Who and what holds the power to classify danger and is that dangerous in itself? Do ideas need to be dangerous to change us or are we destroying the very nature of science by risk-minimising the consequences that could abound?

Wherever your consensus on the unsettling sits, strap yourself in to subversive-ville as we navigate the threats and promises of the dark side.

Associate Professor Richard Allcock – UWA School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Dr Nigel Lengkeek – Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and
Kylie Sturgess – award-winning blogger and philosophy teacher.

Yes, that’s me at the end.

What to talk about?

Clearly with the experts in pathology and nuclear science, there’s going to be discussion about energy, environment, weapons of war, perhaps viral disasters; maybe there’ll be people talking about anti-vaccination claims and want answers, or cancer research… I was thinking about the current protests against the cervical cancer vaccine; perhaps a run-down on what constitutes scientific progress and the point in the description about ‘morals in fashion’ – can we honestly say that science investigations are dictated by what’s ‘fashionable’ or ‘acceptable’ by the political milieu of the time?

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