Profs and Pints Perth Event TONIGHT – Science: Working For The Man?

Well, I feel dreadful – I should have advertised this earlier! I’m going to see if I can pop in after my interview:

Profs and Pints – Science working for the man – 6:00pm until 8:00pm, TONIGHT

It’s back and bigger than ever with a great four nights of science banter to tackle those current and controversial topics that will have you buzzing with your beer!

Held at The Flying Scotsman’s Velvet Lounge over four nights in June and July, leading scientists will take the people of Perth on a journey through contentious topics currently rousing debate in our society.

Science working for the man. What is the moral cost of progress?

In a world where progress is linked to profits, is the price on research and science a case of good marketing and business? Is science only for the rich?
Are we entering a future where funding for science will only yield lucrative, low-risk, commercially viable results? If so, what are our moral priorities from the products of science – if we have them at all? Do we need to make our resources and research available to those unable to fund their own scientific endeavors?
Whether it’s working for the man upstairs or on the streets, this Profs and Pints banter will explore what really is the cost of science.

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