Quick Token Skeptic Book Progress Update!

People like The Scope Of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations from the Token Skeptic Podcast! Well, the reviews that have popped up have had me blushing for the rest of the day.

I was very pleased that DC’s copy arrived for Friday! So far it appears that after about two days, I’ve sold two dozen copies, and there are people waiting eagerly for the electronic version. This well exceeds my expectations for it and I hope that after the next series of interviews on the show, people will want to check out previous ones and enjoy the next volume I have planned (already? Yes, already!).

What’s coming up? Well, tomorrow’s episode  – episode #125! – will be with Bridget Gaudette, the Vice President of Outreach for Secular Woman, and then I have a few days of teaching… during which I’ll be editing interviews with a magician/psychologist and a scientist who authored a book about sex myths.

One of those interviews features a card trick and the other has me blaming Harry Potter for leading people to read 50 Shades of Grey. You figure out which is which. Head to iTunes and download them while they’re hot.

Then I have an interview that is on the cards and I’m very excited about it and have a pile of grading to do beforehand. What was it I wrote recently about not getting enough sleep? Right. Early night, heading off now. Um, at 10:30pm.

And by the way, speaking of iTunes, have you noticed that the Token Skeptic podcast is fairly regular and brimming with interesting interviews? If you’ve been enjoying it, why not give the show a nice rating and review? Just a thought. No pressure.

Oh, and the book – you can buy the book of the top podcast episodes. People like it. Well, friends who’ve written to me so far after two days of it being released like it a lot. Friends who are also fish. How’s that for a recommendation?

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