Sharon Hill On #TAM2010 – “Let’s Get Stuff Done”

A great post, over on her site – she also quotes something I didn’t know Jamy Ian Swiss said (well, when you’re only getting second-hand accounts, it’s understandable!):

The world is full of atheists who are not skeptics.”

Jamy was fired up. I admit he took me right along with him. I am also angry that certain factions have dominated the discussion and told me what to think, who to follow and what I should be doing. I’ve been around a long time (not as long as Jamy) but by observing the public, listening to their preconceptions and concerns, I know what’s important to audiences and what needs attention.

I’m not an atheist advocate, I’m a critical thinking advocate. So, I would hate to see TAM turn into an solely “atheist” conference instead of a skeptical one. I’m glad it hasn’t. There already are conferences for that. I’m all for TAM staying neutral and encouraging sound activism for changing people’s minds about ALL nonsense ideas.

BTW – if you like that post, you may also like: What Do I Do Next? 105 Ways to Promote Skeptical Activismavailable in PDF version here and short version online here. Steve Novella also has a blog post about his experiences, at Neurologica Blog.

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