Strawberry-Mint Pizza, Dangerous Ideas And Meeting Legendary Tweeter Oskar

Profs And Pints On What Makes A Dangerous Idea – some highlights before you read the Storify of all the Tweets from the night!

Firstly, I promised the crowd that I’d post a link to this video which Richard recommended – The Forbidden History of Unpopular People (Why Free Speech is Worth The Price):


The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters by Mark Henderson.
The Sex Myth: Why Everything We’re Told Is Wrong by Dr Brooke Magnanti.
Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and the Bad Science blog.

Oh, the crowd… well and truly to capacity!

Here’s Grendels:

Actually, here’s Grendels:

A link captured, thanks to Grendels!

I finally met Oskar! They have been in the crowd for many a Profs and Pints and contributing to the Tweetstream – and it’s always been a mystery as to who they are. Hilarious contributions:

Here’s a better photo of the food I was eating – because, as far as I can figure, Mr Pribble’s priority is that I take good pictures of what kind of nutritional supplements I am given during a public science panel event… neener!

Tremendous thanks as always to SciTech, Renae “lycrageek” Sayers (who is an absolute force of nature) and all her wonderful team who makes these shows so special.

Ta also to Grendels for always being great to catch up with, and to Amewsing, OskarGLim Zendarenn, Kiljoyau, Scjoyce13 and Danouement for coffee and strawberry mint pizza after the event!


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