Sunday Morning Survey – What Sites Inspire You?

Here’s one of mine – what are some of yours?

There were tons of red flags in terms of the first information I received about this project and I was wary until, of course, I saw the pilot and read up about Matthew Weiner. The show was gripping and emotional, complex and funny—it took my breath away. By the closing I knew there wasn’t a creative instinct in me that could have turned it down.

Matthew had a distinct point of view and came to us with a compelling brief: A man walks into an office building, enters his office, places his suitcase down and jumps out the window. But that never makes it simple to push through. – Cara McKenney, Mad Men, Art of the Title.

“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Contact Sheet from Motionographer on Vimeo.

Mad Men. Six Feet Under. Vertigo. The Borgias. Cowboy Bebop. Game Of Thrones. Dexter. Panic Room. To Kill A Mockingbird. United States of Tara. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Do you love the title screens and design as much as I do? Then you should be checking out The Art Of The Title.

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  • Eric Dutton

    That is an amazing website. Somebody is putting a lot of work into that.

    I love this blog:
    because it’s like a big “what inspires you?” project.

    I should warn you, though, that after reading your post, I sent the blog’s owner a link to Art of the Title and she loved it, so she might be posting something about it soon.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      That is very cool. I’ll check to see!

  • articulett

    I like this site:

    Lots of quirky stuff.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Wonderful, thanks!

  • Mike Nam

    His videos make me like humanity just a tad bit more.