Thank You To Fairy Godmothers

It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve come across people in tears now and then. Feeling angry, frustrated, out-of-the-loop and discovering that no one is saying something like “You don’t need to go through this – in fact, you could just walk out if it helps...” was probably the worst things I’ve faced in a while. I think things are sorted out now, however.

Coming home, I got a wonderful surprise – and I’m incredibly grateful to a “fairy godmother”, in fact, two of them – who helped out with today. Thank you, Catherine and Sebastian, you are invaluable.

One of the gifts I can show you – the other will have to wait until the team I helped are able to make official announcements about their event.

So, what could this be?

Lots of sporting people running around the box…


And to think that I didn’t believe in cosmic karma and the like… thank you again, Sebastian!!


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  • Fiona

    Yay! for having wonderful people in your life :) :)

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I know – I’m a bit of a mess at the moment.

      Must be the chocolate all over my face, mind.

      • Fiona

        Yes, yes, it’s the chocolate….

        Good friends send baby wipes to get that all off in a jiffy :p

  • nephthys

    Surprise parcels are always good.
    Surprise chocolate is always good.
    Surprise chocolate parcels are ALWAYS full of WIN!

    More people need to be fairy godmothers. :)

  • Don F

    Mmmmmmm — millions — of molecules — of CHOCOLATE!