Token Skeptic Podcast Update – Now Out, Interview With Robin Ince!

TAM-time for skeptics was great, but it’s over! Really looking forward to the DVD and while we do, let’s listen to something different – now out, an interview with Robin Ince!

For people who aren’t familiar with the Token Skeptic podcast, I’ve collated the back-episodes on one handy page for ease of reference. The Best Of episodes are: #60 – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (So Far) and #120 – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (Yet Again). I’m working on links to every page for each show, but you can just as easily cross-reference it via iTunes and the site can be searched.

Due to being unwell, I’ve written this out rather than record it for the podcast. I have a lot of “thank yous” and “check out this” notices:

Huge thanks to everyone who has brought the book The Scope Of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations from the Token Skeptic Podcast“:

With over a hundred interviews conducted for the Token Skeptic podcast, one question remains open: what makes a skeptic a skeptic? Kylie Sturgess interviews an eclectic array of celebrities, personalities, politicians, activists, artists, scientists and “unsung” contributors, all with their own compelling stories to tell.
…The Scope of Skepticism features: Stephen Fry, Joey Haban, Caroline Watt, Tim Minchin, Daniel Loxton, Jennifer Ouellette, Desiree Schell, Sharon Hill, Julian Morrow, Scott Sigler, Indre Viskontas, Ben Radford, Lyz Liddell… and there’s even an essay or two, totalling twenty chapters in all.

EBOOK OUT NOW! Available on and soon on

* Thank you for the chocolate Sebastian Bartoschek!

* Other news – National Science Week in Australia soon and lots of events happening nationally. I’ll be attending and even helping at a few, so keep an eye out for those by going to the official website.

* There’s a forthcoming conference in Adelaide called Science ReWired – do check it out!
* I’m working on collating podcasting questions and information – great that people have sent some in – if you have any more questions, please ask. Google Hangout with FTB featured on the podcast recently; I’m willing to do more in the future if people would like to try.

* Other than that, few more interviews on the way and then a short break in August because I’ll be teaching again and will have to focus on that. If you have ideas for people to talk to or projects that you’d like promoted – let me know!

Finally – an interview with Slau has appeared in the very latest (Summer, 2012) Skeptical Briefs, on the topic of pseudoscience in the audio industry – coming up soon, in the next Skeptical Inquirer – interview with Marian Call and a review of the World Skeptics Congress.

As always, check out the column that I write for the CSCIOP website called Curiouser and Curiouser; the next article should be on The Geek Manifesto!

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