Waking Up To #GreatSkepticism – Geek Manifesto On Token Skeptic And Samantha Stein On JREF!

I woke up this morning to get some pre-dawn Vegemite toast and discovered a beautiful flurry of Tweets, all extolling Great Skepticism!

I didn’t retweet them all, but you can go check them out for yourself using the hashtag – and add to them with some positive vibes! Well done everyone, what a great way to give props to the hard work we all do!

Speaking of hard workers – I have two people I’ve recently interviewed, on my Token Skeptic podcast with Episode #124: On The Geek Manifesto (Again!) and on the JREF Swift blog: Philosophising Children And Camp Quest UK – Interview With Samantha Stein!

Firstly, Mark Henderson kindly agreed to talk to me about his book The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters… and yes, it’s a conversation we’ve conducted before! I interviewed him when his writing was in its early stages (Episode #55), after I attended the brilliant QEDCon and popped over to the Westminster Skeptics in the Pub for a quiet chat in its cosy nooks – about the book!

It’s a wonderful, thought-provoking and vital document…

[…and I’m not just saying that because Alom Shaha gets lots of praise in it and even I get thanked in the acknowledgement pages, but, you know, going “WAAAHHHH!” when you open a book really helps start the day…]

…and I highly recommend it for everyone – but especially Australians and the USA, as there’s lots of inspiration and lessons to be learnt from its pages about the vital intersection between science and politics in the UK and globally, and what we can do to help promote that. Token Skeptic podcast, episode #124 is out, on The Geek Manifesto!

Ooh, nearly forgot – tremendous thanks to Marian Call, whose song “Coffee By Numbers is used as the instrumental track at the start of the show! I have a few artists whose works feature on the podcast (Milton Mermikides and Ice Core Scientist, for example – thanks so much, guys!) and I’m really proud that a few of her songs will feature here and there in future episodes.

Secondly – Samantha Stein! She really impressed me at the recent Berlin World Skeptics Congress and I’ve popped a brief interview with her on the JREF Swift site, “Philosophising Children And Camp Quest UK – Interview With Samantha Stein“, as a part of Bob Blaskiewicz’s inspiring series on education:

My naturally questioning nature led me to be greatly interested in a presentation at the Sixth World Skeptics Congress in Berlin, held last month, by Samantha Stein, the Director of Camp Quest UK. Her talk was on Engaging Children in Science”, where she interrogated the current offerings by UK educational systems – whether teaching to the test and uninspiring resources (such as the dull example of osmosis via a potato) was partly to blame for the drop in students taking on science courses, and how matters could be improved by doing science in engaging contexts.

I’m really proud to be a part of Bob’s team of contributors that has allowed me to promote Samantha’s work “Engaging Children in Science” with Camp Quest UK – here’s the video of her talk, thanks to the #6WSC12!

Okay, toast done with, back to work. For #GreatSkepticism!

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