Attending ScienceWeek Launch At Perth’s SciTech #NSWk

Unfortunately Perth central station was closed for the end of the week, so I kind of threw my car into the parking lot and dashed up the escalators to crash land in a pack of cheerfully mingling politicians. Oops.

But there were lots of familiar faces, mostly the lovely SciTech crew and volunteers, who were busily chatting away and directing people to the launch.

Apparently I am classed as “Media” at these kinds of events. I don’t feel very “Media”; maybe “media” with a little “m” – or just “Takes A Lot Of Photos During The Event For Twitter-er“.

Here’s some of the students from St Andrew’s, who are attempting to beat the record for building tiny radio telescopes out of Lego!


This event was launched in WA in recognition of the $10.7 million in State Government funded work that had been completed to bolster Western Australia’s contribution to the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). So, lots of astronomy equipment dotted around the place in the foyer. Here’s Hon. John Day at the start of the launch:

And – here’s the introduction by Carley Tillet, the manager of the Planetarium at SciTech; Senator Chris Evans Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research and Marita Cheng, Robogals Founder and Young Australian of the Year 2012.

Then I had a run around the museum to check out the new scary animated dinosaurs display, because I think that’s what “Media” with a big “M” is allowed to do. At least, that’s what I think they should be allowed to do.

Huge thanks, SciTech, for inviting me to be a part!


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