From Sex And Religion To Space And Science Podcasting – Two Episodes From The Token Skeptic!

Here’s a double-special for listeners of the Token Skeptic podcast!

Firstly, Episode One Hundred And Twenty-Nine – On Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife – It’s Not About The Sex (My Ass!)

Joanne tells their crazy story with humor, satire—and insight. You’ll share her angst over sharing her husband. You’ll meet her “sister wives,” a prophet calling himself a “celestial stud service” who seeks divine guidance on threesomes, and apostles who dress in weird robes to curse the White House. You’ll fume at gut-wrenching tales of racism, sexual abuse, fraud, and manipulation. And you’ll find out why no one remembers when Jesus destroyed the world on March 26, 2000.

You can download a chapter of the book “It’s Not About The Sex (My Ass!)” over at the official site, and buy it through Amazon for the Kindle, ebook reader and book format.

Secondly – since today is the day that Curiosity lands on Mars – how about something different with my interview on how a Google Hangout on the landing got to happen and the science podcasters who led the way? Episode One Hundred And Thirty – On Science Podcasting (In Space!) – Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain:

Science podcasting is popular, fun and informative… but how do you make a success of it? Is there a formula that the experts use to get a show regularly on the air? How much research and effort goes into every show? What about new technologies like Google Hangout and should you even consider starting your own podcast?

I talk to podcasting pioneers Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain about their experiences in the field as science communicators via podcasting, even how they got featured on Google with their astronomy hangouts!

If you’re reading this, don’t forget that the Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Rover is TODAY – head to the Google+ party HERE to hang out!

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