Great Post By Marian Call On Kickstarter

Just popping this in here – recently the very kind Chris Stedman suggested that I fundraise for a book idea and I balked because I a) haven’t done that before and b) have a tendency to think “well, if it’s any good, people’ll buy it anyway and maybe at the best I’ll break even or I’ll at least know a product is out there that I think is needed and that’s a reward in itself”.Which is how I’ve done projects in the past and unless things change dramatically, it will probably stay that way. Maybe it’s a confidence thing too.

In terms of thinking about it further, Marian Call has a great summary about her experience with her tour fundraising that I think is well worth reading in full – not just this quote!

I guess what I’m really wanting to say to you is this. The groundwork for a successful fundraiser is not having the right strategy or the right gimmick or the perfect combination of currently popular things (Ooh! Zombies and steampunk and rhythm gymnastics! A hit!). It’s about knowing yourself and knowing the people you’re connecting with. To thine own self be true. Know what you want, know what your supporters want, and make them align.

Kicking the Start Or Stuff I Wanted To Say is over at Marian Call’s blog.

And as a fun bonus – here’s the audio of a Broadcasting trial that I did during the tour of the radio studios while I was working at O-Day at ECU!



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