How To Be Fed Up – 101


We recently posted an innocent looking piece of fan art on Facebook that was created by one of our community members. The image playfully mashed up the themes of Mass Effect and My Little Pony, depicting the Pinkie Pie character in N7 armor. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to let the rest of our community in on the fun…

Lesson Two: Jason Manford on Trolls and Gary Barlow

…But during the Olympic closing ceremony I posted this:

Fair play Gary Barlow. What a superstar. Don’t think I could perform after such a tragedy, amazing.”

I was referring, of course, to the Barlow family’s recent tragedy, their stillborn baby girl, Poppy who was born and died last weekend.

I’m not a Take That fan, I mean I like them, but I don’t own any of their music but I really like Gary Barlow, I’ve never met him (he sent me an email once asking if I could do a charity thing for him) but he seems like a thoroughly lovely chap…

Lesson Three:

…Pretty much every FTB blogpost involving anything to do with FTB recently and how disappointing that things seem so hopeless and people are so helpless. I’m glad that two of bloggers left FTB and I wish things didn’t turn out so horribly that it necessitated it – and I’m sad that things haven’t been on an even keel since. I’m sad that some people waste their time with schadenfreude and just end up promoting more of the nasty things that lessons one and two demonstrate.

There’s other things I’m sad about, but this has gone on long enough and I have a podcast that still isn’t posted and a lot of events on the horizon to deal with.

So, I think I’ll just take a break and post nothing but videos and podcasts for a while and some upcoming events. I really want to focus on work and a conference a lot more, so I’ll do that instead of blogging for the rest of the month. I’ll see you around – and I hope to be less fed up with everything by then.

Class over.

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