I’m At ScienceRewired Conference – Sign Up Now For October!

I’m very excited – more details are now posted on the website!

11th October at The Science Exchange, Adelaide, Australia.

Register now to attend and save $100:

Science Rewired is a philanthropic initiative conceived by media140 that promotes public engagement in science through digital and social technologies across science education, science communication and citizen science. Our mission is to act as the bridge between the non-technical science practitioners and the digital domain to look at science from new perspectives and help educate and empower individuals in such a way as to create significant positive change in the world.

…We’ll be exploring the impact of social media, crowdsourcing and digital technologies on science communication and citizen science in developing international collaboration on the major social and scientific issues of our time. With a key theme of “Connect, Collaborate and Communicate for Change” we’re bringing together science communicators, academics, media professionals and digital visionaries for a one day conference of debate, insight and education. The event will run over one day across a number streams all aligned to science education, communication and citizen science.

I’ll be lecturing on podcasting and working with the social media team on the day to help get conference information to anyone who is interested in the event. So, expect some interviews heading your way and check out the official site! Their Facebook page is here too.

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