Little Kitten – Nellie The Otter And Stacking Cups

Better than most reality TV, quite frankly.

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  • Rempetis

    :O Super cute! Best video i’ve seen all week, thanks for sharing.

  • billygutter01

    I want to *eat them!

    *eat = cuddle/squeeze/feed

  • stubby

    Otters have come a long way since the Jugband Christmas fiasco.

  • Stevarious

    That’s pretty adorable. I had no idea otters were so clever with their paws.

  • Dan McPeek

    Great video. Thanks for posting.
    Animals make life worth living.

  • blindrobin

    I always though that if I were to be re-incarnated that being a sea otter would be a most excellent outcome, but a bit too close to nirvana for me I’m afraid.