More #GreatSkepticism – Get The New Skeptical Blog Anthology And Podcast On Tweets And BigFeets!

Here’s two quick items before I: 

a) collapse for the weekend and catch up with friends in the real world (I am on a blogging break, after all);

b) pull my act together and catch up with all the interviews I have organised to do and haven’t sent out confirmations for – sincere apologies if I’ve dropped the ball in that regard, but I will be in touch!

Remember the Skeptical Blog anthology? It featured on the Scientific American blog site and on the JREF Swift – and it’s now in its second edition, edited with bigger font, and still at the same great price! You can get it as a paperback or in eBook format – with the following fabulous contributors:

The Skeptical Blog Anthology features essays by: Dr Phillip Plait, Barbara Drescher, Dr Karen Stollznow, Sharon Hill, Dr Petra Boynton, Brian Thompson, Yau-Man Chan, Dr Chris French, Jack Scanlan, Laurie Tarr, Dr Amy Tuteur, Daniel Loxton, Jake Dickerman, Lisa Bauer, Desiree Schell, Michael Marshall, Andy Lewis, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’s Evan Bernstein, Robert T Carroll, and many others.

If you haven’t checked it out or promoted it to others before now – here’s your chance! ALL proceeds go to the Young Australian Skeptics, who are relaunching their site with a fresh generation of skeptically-minded people sending content your way. Enjoy the read and help a good cause!

PLUS! ANOTHER Token Skeptic podcast episode for this week? Yes, this is one with a lot of thank-yous to my supporters over the past year or more and some updates about forthcoming appearances, events to support and even some publications with my work in them!

Episode One Hundred And Thirty Two – On Tweets And BigFeets – Interview With Hayley Stevens is fast, funny and food-for-thought about civility online and the power of Twitter. Go check it out and find out more about Hayley Stevens!

Thanks everyone, and see you about when work is done for the month… expect lots of information about the forthcoming Science Rewired conference in the meantime!

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