Philosophy Community Of Inquiry – Notre Dame Fremantle Open Day

I just got notification about this earlier in the week – for locals interested in community of inquiries, this is worth checking out:

Our OPEN DAY FESTIVAL runs from 10am-4pm. It will be an event not only for students and prospective students, but for the whole community.

The School of Philosophy and Theology is running a Philosophy Cafe with coffee, tea and biscuits at 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm on that day.

We welcome your participation to help make it a success. Please come and join us for some fun and thoughtful discussions.

1. Philosophy Cafe with Dr Richard Hamilton, at 11.30 am
Topic: CONSTRUCTING THE IDEAL SOCIETY – How best can we organize our collective lives?

2. Philosophy Cafe with Dr Laura D’Olimpio, at 1pm
Topic: BUT, IS IT ART?

3. Philosophy Cafe with Dr Laura D’Olimpio, at 3pm

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