Published Yet Again! Art In The Skeptical Inquirer And JREF Swift Scope Of Skepticism Review

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will stream the new series of Dr Who mere seconds after it finishes airing in the UK, in an effort to stop avid fans downloading the show.

There you go, now down to the other urgent news of the day – I’ve just staggered back from the doctors, where I got shot.

Shot as in getting a shot, as they suspect that my well-meaning devotion to keeping up my flu shots has not been as effective as they should be and I might as well have another and isn’t it all hardy-har-har until you’re relying on herd immunity and we should all be more considerate of people with health issues when it comes to being vaccinated and other bad-tempered rantings as I get myself a large coffee and some chocolate for breakfast. Don’t judge me.

And don’t expect any of that regular bloggy stuff until I’ve fully recovered – I’m aware of your lure Mr WordPress and you don’t fool me and nor does the wibbly rainbow thing that keeps obscuring my vision. I might also have migraines; doctor was too busy handing me scripts and I was too busy trying to grip them with both hands and find the door to bother with all the little fiddly details.

Things have improved with the following items of your interest and you are interested because here they are being interesting:

I found this in the postbox that I tripped over when I got home – I’m in the Skeptical Inquirer several times this edition, sometimes in picture and sometimes in print – there’s a review of the Sixth World Skeptics Congress:

and a really beautidyful loverly arty section that includes my interview with Marian Call (short editorial note – she has been successful with her plans for funding a European tour that I mention at the end of the article and you can get all the details here; I requested that she visit Germany on her tour because my experiences with the Berlin conference were so great that I think she should check them out too):

Also, the JREF Swift Blog has a review of my book by DJ Grothe:

 There are many other parts of the The Scope of Skepticism worth exploring. If you consider yourself the sort of skeptic who wants to delve a bit deeper into the arguments that giants of skepticism like Carl Sagan and James Randi and Paul Kurtz and Eugenie Scott have had over the decades, this book will serve both as an introduction and as a continuation, with bright new voices adding to the conversation.

and I’m so happy about the book getting some press that I hereby present you lovely people with a celebratory fruit owl:

and now I’m going back to bed.

Go check out the interviews that are popping up on the ScienceRewired AudioBoo.

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