Science! Adelaide! EarlyBird Tickets Closing Soon For ScienceRewired!

Just to let you know, the earlybird tickets for ScienceRewired are ending on the 31st of August – three days away!

Join us at The Science Exchange at our launch event!

We’re hosting a one day conference on the 11th October in Adelaide outlining our mission as a digital science organisation. You’ll have the opportunity to  participate in practical workshops, gain insights into innovative science projects and learn from exciting and topical case studies. It’s an event to help science educators, citizen science advocates and communicators get to grips with public engagement using social technologies.

Some of the great people who’ll be appearing include:

* Ben McKenzie - Actor, scientician, comedian and sciencerewired host (AKA The Man in the Labcoat!)
* Dr Laurel Dyson - Senior Lecturer, Information Technology, UTS
* Wilson da Silva - Editor-in-Chief, COSMOS Magazine
* Cobi Smith - Researcher at Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science
* Chris Cassella - Managing Director of ScienceAlert
* Derek Muller - Creative Director at Veritasium
* Kirsten Gottschalk - Human spokesperson for theSkyNet and Outreach and Education Officer at The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
* Dr Will Grant - Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

I’ve been busy interviewing many of the presenters and you’ll be able to hear them for yourself over on the AudioBoo site for ScienceRewired.

Check out the site and check out the interviews that will be appearing over this week! So far I have  Chris Cassella - Managing Director of ScienceAlert and Derek Muller – Creative Director at Veritasium, with plenty more on the way over on ScienceRewired at AudioBoo.

In other news – SkepTunes is released, a site that helps you search podcasts. It even features the Token Skeptic podcast! Just put in a search term like “feminism“, “paranormal“, “alternative medicine” and a list will appear – even sort by podcast if you like:

 Tremendous thanks to Shane for including my show to be indexed!

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