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  • AnatomyProf

    I’m a community college instructor in CA and I can tell you that she is correct. We have a creationist problem at my school and those in charge have lately been unwilling to address it. Furthermore a dean and department chair have attempted to intimidate me and another instructor for trying to address the issue. We created a statement on evolution and voted to approve it. Later, when the NCSE asked to publish it the department chair ran an illegitimate vote (verbal questions to adjuncts with no secret ballot or chance for discussion except an attempt to coerce them to vote in opposition) to withhold the document from publication. This is a big problem and speaks of a culture that is too weak or corrupt to address it without public outcry.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Hi – I’d suggest getting in touch with the NCSE to see what they can do to help?

      • AnatomyProf

        Been in touch. There isn’t much they can do. The problem has to be addressed through the faculty evaluation process but the system doesn’t work when the dean and chair won’t act. Of course it might pop at some point when the media get ahold of it.

      • AnatomyProf

        We might look into getting some speakers to come in but we’ll have to hunt down donations first as we have no budget.