Token Skeptic Podcast – On Skepticism and Neurology – QEDCon 2011 Talk With Dr Steven Novella

New episode now out (not long after the other one, because I have so much work this week to do and it actually helps to get this out earlier rather than around Saturday)! Episode One Hundred And Thirty Three – On Science And Skepticism – Talk By Dr Steve Novella At QEDCon 2011.

This is brought to you with tremendous thanks to the organisers of QEDCon, a great conference with wonderful people. You can find the official site at This talk was presented on the 5th February, 2011 and called “The Skeptical Neurologist”.

Funny fact? I didn’t hear this speech at QEDCon. They had concurrent sessions and I attended a live show of the Pod Delusion in the other room at the time that this was running (as I recall) and so I only walked in at the very end of the Q&A. So, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this for the first time like I did via podcast, and the QEDCon folk are apparently planning on getting the video online, so you can enjoy that as well.

I can’t stop thanking QEDCon for making this possible – so I won’t. Thanks again to all the wonderful people and all the best for a convention just as successful in 2013.

Right, back to my blogging-break – thanks to everyone who makes the podcast possible and I hope you get a lot out this particular talk, it’s one of those gems that I think we should all enjoy.

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