Token Skeptic Videos – Dragon*Con 2008 Setting Up And The First Day

Over the next fortnight or so, until Dragon*Con 2012 at the end of the month, I’m going to post a series of videos I made in the past. I hope they bring you happiness, the memories certainly cheer me up these days.

These are documentaries I filmed and edited during the days I spent at one of the most eventful events that I’ve done for skepticism: Dragon*Con, in Atlanta, Georgia, where I volunteered behind the scenes for the SkepTrack and contributed ideas for panels and shows for the past four years.

If you enjoy my films please consider doing three things – one, donate to the Abrupt Media group, who film and stream videos from the stage and provide the audio. They use donations to help run the show this year. Secondly, check out the audio from previous years that was kindly provided to me from the SkepTrack, that features on the Token Skeptic podcast.

Finally – if you want to learn more about podcasting, promoting science and being a part of another great conference that I’ll be at on the 11th October? ScienceRewired is happening very soon!

I’ll be posting lots of information and interviews up to that show as well – so check out the official site at, where I’ll be working hard and helping communicate science!

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