Up Stream – A Film About The Communication Of Science

I recently interviewed Dr Will Grant for the ScienceRewired series (happening on the 11th October in Adelaide – the sciencerewired site is here!) – and he’s involved in this film venture that needs funding! It’s called Up Stream, and it’s a 30 minutes documentary about the communication of science in complex situations:

Most people with any interest in science will know that there’s a range of science-based issues on which we’re seeing significant public debate. On climate change, genetically modified foods, vaccination and evolution – and many others besides – it’s as if a large gap has opened up between what science is telling us and the political and social response.

Some have sought to blame this situation on a lack of science literacy or understanding of science in the general population. They’ve suggested that to fix this we need to flood those who don’t believe us with information or try to make them think like scientists.

Here’s the thing: this obviously isn’t working.

Up Stream will show how we can start to change the discussion on these complex issues. In this film we’ll document how and why people sit where they do on these issues, beyond the simplicity of whether they comprehend the issue.

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